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May 13th 2024


Today, we are revealing the result of many months of work redesigning Veet’s overall experience. This update is also posted on our blog, X, and LinkedIn.

Introducing Veet mentor leaderboard, new booking experience, new dashboard, booking analytics, and some more exciting features!
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We would like to dedicate this release to all the mentors in our community. Thank you all for the impact you have made so far.


Introducing our new Leaderboard on Veet! This feature showcases top mentors making a big impact, allowing you to see who's leading and get inspired to climb the ranks.

New booking experience: Easier scheduling and no-show reporting

Our booking process just got better! The revamped interface makes it easier to schedule mentorship sessions, with a new feature that lets you report no-shows for improved accountability.

Mentorship analytics: Track your impact

Mentors can now track their mentorship history with our new Mentorship Analytics feature. Get insights into your sessions, countries mentored, number of minutes mentored, and mentees helped over the years to understand your impact and set future goals.

Updated profile: Improved mobile experience

The profile section has a refreshed look with enhanced mobile responsiveness! Enjoy a smoother, more flexible experience across all devices.

Reviews: view, share, and request

Community members can now view and share reviews they've given and received. Mentors can request reviews from past mentees, and mentees can send reviews to mentors directly from the dashboard.

Invite & earn: Share Veet and get rewards!

Now you can invite others to join Veet via email or a unique link, and you'll earn 5 Veet points for every successful signup. Start inviting friends and colleagues, and watch your points grow!

Refreshed UI for mentor availability

We’ve refreshed the UI for setting mentor availability! This cleaner, more intuitive design makes it easier to update your schedule and manage your time on Veet.

Quick mentor booking from the dashboard

Mentees can now schedule mentorship sessions with mentors directly from the dashboard! This new feature brings mentors closer, simplifying the booking process.

Booking analytics

Our new booking analytics let you track key metrics like total mentorship sessions, accepted bookings, rescheduled sessions, and no-show rates. Get valuable insights to improve your mentoring experience!

Profile inspiration

Discover a new list of profiles designed to inspire you. Find creative ideas and explore examples that can help you enhance your own profile.

Mentor wishlist: Your favourites in one place

Now you can keep track of your favourite mentors with our new wishlist feature. View all the mentors you've marked as favourites in one convenient list.

Trust & verification

The Veet team now verifies mentors and mentees through LinkedIn to enhance trust on our platform. This new verification process helps ensure a more reliable and credible community.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [IMPROVE] Improve the flow for booking a mentor to be more seamless.

  • [IMPROVE] Redesign all modals across our product

  • [IMPROVE] We added more mentoring topics you can offer mentorship on.

  • [FIX] We removed Entry Level from Levels of experience.

  • [IMPROVE] Update all icons across the product to a new one

  • [IMPROVE] Updated the profile dropdown on the dashboard

  • [IMPROVE] Added a way to add work experience and education from your dashboard

  • [IMPROVE] New flow for mentors to add featured resource/External link to their profile

  • [NEW] Add Github link to your profile

  • [IMPROVE] You can now view, download and share your mentor swag (OG image) right from your dashboard

  • [IMPROVE] Redesign the availability section

  • [IMPROVE] Redesign the Calendar setup section

  • [NEW] You can now Nominate a mentor from the home on your dashboard

  • [IMPROVE] Changed “My Network” tab is now called “Connection”

  • [NEW] Mentors can now join our Slack Community right from your dashboard.

  • [NEW] Mentors can now ask mentees for review right from your dashboard

  • [NEW] You can leave feedback, suggest a feature or contact support by click on What’s new from your dashboard

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